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pet stain and odor removal

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We think it is safe to say that pets become family but the house training stage can be the most difficult and frustrating. Don't worry, we have seen it hundreds of times and know exactly how to bring your carpet back to healthy and smelling fresh.

Key Benefits To Our Pet Stain & Odor Removal Service

Expertise & Knowledge - There is a science to properly removing the source of the odor from your carpet. It requires the right products and the correct techniques and we have them. Our processes do not damage your carpet unlike some of the "miracle" store bought products. We urge you to consult with us for your pet stain and odor removal needs.

Health & Safety - pet odor sources such as urine and feces are a health risk. They carry germs and bacteria that are unsafe for you and your family. Especially younger children and the elderly. We remove the odor source and bring your carpet back to a safe and healthy level.

Prevent Carpet Damage - Pet accidents can quickly cause permanent damage to your carpet such as degrading the padding, backing, and permanent staining. Pet stains can alter the molecular structure of the carpet and this damage can be irreversible. The key to successful pet stain and odor removal is acting quickly.

How Do We Remove Pet Odor?

Pet Odor Removal - What You Can Do

We get asked all of the time what the homeowner can do to deal with pet accidents - more specifically urine issues. So here is a step by step guide that has a good rate of success but if professional help is needed, this process will not damage the carpet and still give us the ability to fix the issue for you.

Absorb as much as possible - We recommend using white terry towels and compress the spot with your foot or something heavy so that the towel can absorb as much as possible. A stack of books or other heavy but manageable objects placed on the terry towel will compress it well. If there is a lot of urine, change out the terry towel for a fresh dry one. Leave the heavy object(s) on the towel for a few hours to give it time to work. We have seen many times where the entire spot will wick into the towel and not leave a spot or stain.

Using A Home Shampooer - There is nothing wrong with the occasional spot cleaning with store bought machines with the right knowledge. They are great for deal with pet accidents, especially during the potty training stage or an elderly dog having issues. The first step is to extract as much urine as the machine will allow. For handheld machines, consider pressing down on the carpet to compress it and using very slow extraction passes. For stand up machines consider placing your foot on the head of the machine to compress but be careful to let your foot slip or apply to much pressure to break it.

Once you have extracted as much as you can, use a vinegar and water solution mixed at 2 cups vinegar to 1 gallon of water. When urine leaves the pets body it comes out at a neutral pH. As it dries it turns into an alkaline salt crystal. Vinegar is a safe solution on the acid side of the pH scale. Rinsing the urine spot with vinegar will break up any urine that has started to crystallize and allow you to remove more. It also helps any staining not to set into the carpet and leave it in a state that our professional products will work on.

After rinsing, absorb as much as possible using a similar technique as we stated above. This process has a lot of success in dealing with these issues to keep the spots manageable between professional cleanings.

How We Remove Pet Accidents

We use a specially designed product that is made specifically for dealing with pet stains and odors. We apply the product and give it time to dwell and work. During that time it attacks the odor causing materials and begins to digest them so that it can be removed from the carpet. Next we have a special pet spotting tool that extracts from the padding up to the carpet fiber. We repeat this process until the urine is removed. The last step is to deal with any staining. Depending on the pet's diet and medications it may require some advanced stain removal techniques if the urine hasn't permanently damaged the carpet.

When Repeat Offenders Strike

There is a point when the above process will not provide the results you need and that we want to provide. For pets that have multiple accidents in one area or have created quite the mess, a full pet odor removal restoration may be needed. During this process, we identify any all spots visible and hidden. We pull the carpet back and remove the pad from the affected area(s) then we clean and seal the subfloor. In extreme cases we may recommend that the subfloor be replaced. Once the subfloor is taken care of we flush the carpet to remove urine from the backing and carpet fibers and take care of any visible staining. We install fresh new pad and re-install the carpet.

Final Tid Bit About Pet Odor Removal

As we mentioned above, when urine dries it forms into a crystal and when a pet repeatedly marks or urinates in one area the subfloor absorbs that urine. When the home becomes warm and humid, those salt crystals re-liquefy and the odor can come back. We have also seen cases where carpet and pad was replaced but the subfloor was not properly treated. Spots and odor began to become present damaging the new pad and carpet after a few months of use. Remember, there is a science to removing pet odors and you want a qualified and knowledgeable company to help you. We urge you to call us with any questions and we can provide an inspection to discuss you pet accident removal needs.


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